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Clean Creeks FC is a grassroots organization dedicated to improving the water quality and shore ecosystems of the Chesapeake Bay, one creek at a time. As an organization founded by students for students, we encourage teens throughout the Bay watershed to do their part through clean up projects and activism.


Clean Creeks FC was founded on the principle of teamwork. Beginning as a group of high school soccer friends and teammates with a common concern for the health of the Bay, Clean Creeks FC became an opportunity to use teamwork to achieve our goals both on and off the soccer field. We use kayaks and paddle boards to traverse the Bay's rivers and creeks, searching for trash and debris that damage vital shore ecosystems. And in the spirit of positive competition, which ever team collects the most trash by the end of the 2 hour event wins a Clean Creeks FC T-Shirt. Events are held almost every weekend in the Spring and Summer.

Explore our website to learn more about our environmental impact and the importance of preserving the Chesapeake Bay we love.

Clean Creeks FC:

About Us


Competition for a Cause

Clean Creek's unique model for fun community involvement and team-building skills centers on the Clean Creeks FC Tournament.


Throughout the season, Clean Creeks FC members will team up in small groups and spend the competition period, normally two hours each event, collecting trash from local waterways. At the end of the competition period, the teams will gather to weigh the trash collected. The winner of each day's competition is recorded, and the team with the most pounds of trash collected by the end of the day is the event winner and wins a CCFC T-Shirt.


The guidelines for the Clean Creeks FC Competition are as follows:

- Teams may not collect trash in motor-powered vessels.

- Teams may only count trash collected from waterways, members may only travel four feet inland from the high tide line.

- Teammates must demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

- All mud and sand must be removed from containers before weighing

- No organic materials (Wood, Plants, etc.) or bricks.

- Safety is important: Team members must wear Personal Flotation Devices, shoes, and gloves at all times.

- Have fun!

To learn more about Clean Creeks FC upcoming events and calendar, visit the Events page of our website.

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