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CCFC #31 November 4, 2018

CCFC #31 was a great way to end CCFC's second season in action. It drew a hefty crowd of 13 members who managed to collect 373 lbs of trash on a chilly fall afternoon. The CCFC barge was yet again put to the test towing not 4, but 6 kayaks a few miles over to Big Island in the Rhode River to clean. Anything from large metal fans, to carpet, to tires was collected and sent to Southern Recycling Center for proper disposal. The day had 3 teams going toe to toe. Team Gov'ment, consisting of Jack Drohat, Austin Shoemaker, Spencer Baird, and Scott Flynn, got 3rd place with 97 lbs of trash collected.  The He-Hawks, consisting of David Foust, Drew Peterson, Isaiah Ventura, and Ryan Lomax, earned 2nd place with 110 lbs of trash collected. SR Loccer, consisting of Alexi Parmele, Christian Cato, Kyle Fleshman, and Ryan Hollenbach, won the event with 166 lbs of trash collected. CCFC 31 marks the end of another amazing season and I look forward to next spring!


CCFC #32 March 16, 2019

CCFC #32 took place on a windy, but warm March afternoon. Members cleaned CCFC HQ's local Cadle Creek as an easy way to stay out of the wind and ease back into to season. An exception to this rule was Kyle Fleshman and Molly McQueeny who defected from the group and paddled across the river. Many of the Cadle Creek groups worked together to cleanup an engine block, however were unsuccessful due to the sheer weight of the engine. The day was a successful endeavor with a total of 220lbs of trash being collected among the 3 groups. "Long Fencing" with Alex Cooke, Niko Nolte, and Hunter and Bryce Wright took home the victory with 110lbs. Coming in second was "Kyle Fleshman Inc." with Kyle Fleshman, Molly McQueeny, Ryan Hollenbach, and Scott Flynn with 70lbs. Coming in last was "SR Football" with Wyatt Bunting, Connor Pierce, and Austin and Jack Shoemaker with 40lbs. CCFC 32 is a good start to a fruitful season.

scott goggs boat.JPG
Kyle wood.JPG
kyle molly beach.JPG

CCFC #33 March 25, 2019

CCFC 33 had members travel to Camp Letts on a windy Sunday evening. Thanks to the kindness of Camp Letts and its staff, CCFC was able to use their canoes and paddles. The wind made the canoes difficult to use, so after a short paddle, most members walked along the beach in pursuit of trash. CCFC members picked up countless bottle caps, shotgun wads, shotgun shells, water bottles, a tire, and many other pieces of trash. The total haul for the day was 371 lbs of trash. Group 2: "Molly Cyrus" won the cleanup by collecting 207 lbs of trash. Group 2 consisted of Alexi Parmele, Matt Parks, Connor Pierce, and Kevin Lippencott. Group 1: "#freeuzi" tied for second place with Group 3: "Rich the Kid" each group collecting 82lbs. Group 1 consisted of Rob Rutkai, Anna Kohler, Kyle Fleshman, Isaiah Ventura, and Declan Murray. Group 3 consisted of Wyatt Bunting, Scott Flynn, Jack Drohat, and Christian Cato. Overall it was a wonderful day on the water and big thanks to all members who attended and everyone at Camp Letts who made the cleanup possible.


CCFC #34 March 30, 2019

CCFC 34 yet again pushed the CCFC barge to its limits. 5 kayaks filled with 12 members was towed across the Rhode River to clean up a vast SERC owned shoreline. Over the hour and a half cleaning time members found several tires including one gargantuan 215 lb tire, a plastic barrel, the front bumper of a truck, plastic bottles, cans, and much more. The barge filled quickly and by the end of the event it was too full to make the journey back and tow everyone back. After a quick call, Greg Rutkai arrived in the much larger Mako to transport the life jackets, gloves, most members, and 2 bags of trash back to HQ. Rob Rutkai drove the overfilled barge home perhaps foolishly, but got home safe and the Mako went back to the cleanup site to pickup the remaining 3 members. The wind and the sheer amount of trash made the day challenging and crazy, but despite the chaos all members worked efficiently and managed to collect a total of 688lbs of trash. Group 1: "Yahtzee" comprised of Jack Drohat, Alex Cooke, Niko Nolte, and Kyle Fleshman came in second place with 190 lbs of trash. Group 2: "SR Squad" comprised of Matt Bates, Wyatt Bunting, Jack Ballard, and Will Pavlick came in 3rd place with 143 lbs of trash. Group 3: "SR Soccer" comprised of Alexi Parmele, Christian Cato, Ryan Hollembach, and Bryce Wright secured victory with an impressive 355 lbs including the 215 lb tire they collected. CCFC 34 was chaotic, fun, and made a big difference for the Chesapeake Bay.

Miraculous return.jpeg
goggs + Bryce tire.JPG
group truck.JPG
Matt and will.JPG
Goggs barrel.JPG
Snake tire.JPG

CCFC #35 April 9, 2019

CCFC 35 was a smaller event, but nonetheless proved a small group of dedicated individuals can have a huge impact. 6 CCFC members towed over to Cheston Creek to clean. Members split up around the entire Cheston Creek Point to cover as much shoreline in the 2 hours as possible. Wading through the chilly water was no problem with a pleasant warm air temperature. Members found a variety of trash including 3 tires, 2 large plastic barrels, several propane and gas tanks, and as usual countless plastic bottles bags and small pieces. All together CCFC members hauled in 347 lbs of trash. Group 2: The Tire Tyrants, consisting of Scott Flynn, Declan Murray, and Jack Drohat, collected 190lbs of trash to secure the win. Group 1: AP Creek Cleaning, consisting of Alexi Parmele and Will Pavlick, collected 157 lbs of trash to narrowly miss out on the win.

Truck pic.JPG
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