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CCFC #36 May 25, 2019

After a long stretch of awful weather over the weekends CCFC is finally back for its 36th installment. 7 members made the journey over to Sellman Creek on a busy memorial day weekend. There was quite a bit of boat traffic and some waves, but the entire event went as smoothly as ever. In the middle of the event members Rob Rutkai, Michael Grimm, and Connor Morningred encountered a mother and child from Camp Letts stranded in a canoe from the large waves. So Rob Rutkai broke free from his supervising role for a minute to tow the pair back to Camp Letts safely. In the end however CCFC members didnt find quite as much heavy trash during that sunny day at high tide, but did manage to collect 140 lbs of bottles and small pieces of plastic. Team 1 comprised of Alexi Parmele and Jack Drohat and Team 3 comprised of Christian Cato and Kyle Fleshman tied for first place each collecting 60 lbs of trash. Coming in second was Team 2 comprised of Michael Grimm and Connor Morningred who collected 20 lbs. After the long break it was great to get back out on the water to make a difference.


CCFC #37 June 2, 2019

CCFC 37 brought the CCFC gang back to Cheston Creek. CCFC veterans and newcomers worked together this time to haul an impressive 195 lbs of trash out of the water. Beautiful day to make a difference, no matter how small.


CCFC #38 July 1, 2019

CCFC 38 brought CCFC members to a beach right off of Locust Point in the Rhode River. The beach is a popular spot on the weekends for recreational boaters to anchor, swim, and litter on the beach. The beach is also on a main channel so plenty of trash that flies off vessels washes right up on its shores. CCFC members stormed the beach and managed to collect 412 lbs of trash. The Rhode River is a bit cleaner and that particular beach is far cleaner and closer to its peak natural beauty.


CCFC #39 July 29, 2019

CCFC 39 brought CCFC members back to the Rhode River/Locust Point party beach. CCFC 38 proved to be very effective in getting most trash off the beach including heavy things, but since then the beach has been infested with new beer cans all along the beach. Overall though CCFC members cleaned up 26 lbs of trash from the beach with members Drew Peterson and David Foust bringing home the win with 15 lbs.

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