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CCFC #1 April 17, 2017

The first ever CCFC event kicked off with a bang, with the two competing teams hauling in 300 lbs of trash between them. The South River Squad took on Arundel Gang + Cookie, and the event ended in a tie because the trash was too heavy to weigh without breaking the trash bags. Robert Rutkai, Isiah Jensen, Dominic Gallina, and Alexi Parmeli worked together on South River Squad to haul in 150 lbs of trash, including car wheels, tires, broken glass, wire, metal, Styrofoam, plastic, and fishing lines. Uday Aryal, Alex Cooke, Connor Morningred, and Hunter Tydings hauled in 150 lbs of trash, including a car battery, glass, Styrofoam, plastic, heavy pieces of metal, and metal pipes. The first event was a huge success, and it will be a platform to introduce new rules and make the next one even better.

CCFC Pre-Season February 25, 2017

CCFC members Nolan Coronado, Isiah Jensen, and Robert Rutkai worked to pick up about 1000 lbs of trash at the CCFC Headquarters at Sailors Dock Marina, located on the headwaters of Cadle Creek, classified as a "Critical Environmental Zone" by the Maryland government. The guys worked for five hours to clear the head quarters of all trash including toilets, barrels, safes, hundreds of glass bottles and beer cans, water softeners, and much more. This effort is to get the CCFC headquarters ready for the start of the season starting April 12, 2017.

CCFC #2 June 4, 2017

The second CCFC event kicked off with great weather as well as new members and ideas. First time attenders Milon Nelson, Colin Murphy, Carson Cox, Matt Bates, and Tim Kunert all debuted on a beautiful 85 degree sunny morning. We introduced a labeled barge to put our trash in while on the water, so we didn't have to return to the marina every time to drop off trash. Together the 13 man group brought home 78 pounds of trash with SR Squad winning bringing home 50 lbs of trash alone. The winners Rob, Tim, Isiah, and Cooke will all receive a free CCFC T-shirt as a reward for winning.

CCFC #3 June 28, 2017

The third CCFC event was one to remember with a new location as well as a new format. The team traveled to Turkey Point to clean up the surrounding water ways and marinas. This particular event was the first ever without teams. New members Richie Choisser and Jack Drohat as well as returning members Robert Rutkai, Alexi Parmele, and Isiah Jensen all faced off against each other in a free for all format. As a whole 192 pounds of trash was cleaned up with Jack Drohat collecting 96 pounds as well as a CCFC T Shirt for the victory.

CCFC #4 July 9, 2017

The fourth CCFC event kicked off with a voyage. Familiar faces Robert Rutkai, Connor Morningred, Alex Cooke, Alexi Parmele, Matthew Bates, and Uday Aryal arrived at Sailor's Dock Marina to make teams and go over rules, and shortly after launched on a long voyage from Cadle Creek to White Marsh Creek. There the two teams, Nepalese Gods and Sky Blues, faced off to collect the most trash. The two groups managed to stuff kayaks full of loaded trash bags and head home to Sailors Dock Marina. The Nepalese Gods, Uday Aryal, Alexi Parmele, and Matt Bates, brought home the win as well as CCFC T-shirts by cleaning up 150 pounds of trash vs the Sky Blues's 79 pounds.

CCFC #5 July 23, 2017

Thanks to CCFC members Cadle Creek has 305 less pounds of trash in it after the 5th CCFC Event. South River Squad, including Robert Rutkai, Tim Kunert, and first time attendee Kyle Berkowitz, brought home 269 pounds of trash on their own winning the event. Runners up Mixed Mere Cats brought home 35 pounds of trash and last place Cavs brought home five pounds. The local event utilized the barge to increase productivity and overall the event was tons of fun and a success.

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