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CCFC #16 April 22, 2018

CCFC #16 did the earth a favor by cleaning 156 lbs of trash from one of its largest Bay's: The Chesapeake Bay. Group 1 (The Muscle Men), manned by Alex Cooke and Kevin Lippencot cleaned 5 lbs of trash from the Bay. Group 2 (SR American Football), manned by Matt Bates and Austin Shoemaker cleaned 38lbs of trash. Group 3 (Swole Squad), manned by Robert Rutkai and Isiah Jensen cleaned 113 lbs to clinch the victory. CCFC #16 was a wonderful way to show CCFC's passion for maintaining and improving the health of the natural world on Earth Day 2018.

CCFC #17 April 28, 2018

CCFC #17 included an exciting return to White Marsh Creek! Members paddled about one mile to White Marsh Creek where they got to work immediately picking up 226 lbs of trash! Most of the trash consisted of plastic bottles, caps, and small miscellaneous plastic pieces. A metal ammunition box was found as well. The Wright Bros and Co. consisting of twins Hunter and Bryce Wright, Robert Rutkai, Connor Morningred, and Scott Flynn brought home the victory with 157 lbs of trash! SR Squad consisting of Alexi Parmele, Jack Drohat, Christian Cato, Brian Vaungh, and Dominic Gallina collected a respectful 69 lbs of trash to secure second place. CCFC #17 took place on a beautiful day and could not have gone any better!

CCFC #18 May 4, 2018

CCFC #18 was massive in terms of trash collected. In total members collected 726 lbs of trash from Ramsey Lake! That impressive tally puts CCFC #18 second in terms of trash collected in CCFC history! The Ospreys, consisting of members Alexi Parmele and Ryan Watson, clinched first place with 298 lbs! The Rock Fish, consisting of Matt Bates and Jack Klaus, claimed second place with 200 lbs. The Blue Herons, consisting of Alex Cooke and Christian Cato, earned 3rd place with 121 lbs. The Blue Crabs consiting of Rob Rutkai and Kevin Leppingcot, collected 105 lbs to settle for last. Over 4 tires were found this event as well as countless plastic and glass bottles and Styrofoam.

CCFC #19 May 12, 2018

CCFC #19 was incredible. The day began with 5 kayaks being towed to the beautiful Cheston Creek. There the CCFC members traversed the beautiful undeveloped shorelines and swaying aquatic grass beds looking for trash. CCFC members collected 298 lbs and were towed back to Cadle Creek for weighing and disposal. H-Squad consisting of members Alexi Parmele and Jack Drohat took home the win with 128 lbs of trash. Following closely behind in second place, The Blonde and Big Duo Austin Shoemaker and Rob Rutkai collected 98 lbs of trash. All tied for last place were South River Squad, Dom Gallina and Matt Bates, Crofton Cavaliers, Zach Herman and Brian Vaungh, and Swole Squad, Alex Cooke and Jack Klaus all collecting 26 lbs. Great day, beautiful creek, outstanding cleanup.

CCFC #20 June 7, 2018

CCFC #20 had CCFC members return to Cheston Creek. This time instead of being towed by a medium sized center console boat, 4 kayaks and 11 members were towed to Cheston Creek by the small aluminum CCFC barge powered by a 5 horsepower outboard engine. The journey was exciting with 8 members being towed behind the barge in their kayaks and 3 members sitting inside the barge. As the members turned the corner into the mouth of Cheston Creek they were shocked to see that the established meeting beach was underwater due to high tide. Nonetheless the CCFC members untied from the barge and met on the shallow submerged beach to distribute trash bags. After meeting up and getting situated, members flocked to the shorelines to collect as much trash as possible. This particular event, a respectable 157 lbs of trash was collected mostly consisting of Styrofoam and various plastic products. One shocking discovery was a young tree growing in a large piece of Styrofoam. Members collected the tree, disposed of the Styrofoam its roots had formed into and planted the tree at the CCFC HQ where hopefully it will grow in the soil as it should. The Styrofoam tree is a lesson on the resilience of nature. The duo of Ryan and Alexi brought home the win with 48 lbs of trash. Coming in second place was Bryce and Brian with 35 lbs. In third was Zach H and Jack D with 33 lbs. In 4th with 27 lbs was Jack K. Will P. and Rob R. Coming in last with a respectable 14 lbs was Matt and Bato.

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