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CCFC #6 July 30, 2017

The 6th CCFC event was a huge one! The Swordfish consisting of Rob R, Jack K, Tim K, Uday A, and Isiah J brought in 250lbs of trash, but still lost out to South River Squad's (Alexi P, Matt B, Dom G, and Jack D) 350 lbs! In total both teams managed to pull 600 lbs of trash out of Cadle Creek like bottles, cans, car batteries, steering wheels, ceramic bowls, and much more.

CCFC #7 August 5, 2017

CCFC Event #7 was truly unique featuring a change in scenery, dolphins, and wasp nests! While founder of CCFC Rob Rutkai was on vacation in Cape Coral Florida he decided to clean up the local waterways solo. While on his two and a half hour kayak trip Rob managed to pick up two full trash  bags of Styrofoam, plastic bottles, cans, and various other miscellaneous trash weighing in at a total of 20 lbs. Although the trash was a sad sight to see Rob managed to encounter a family of dolphins feeding on a school of fish just inches from his kayak. The dolphins got within touching distance, and Rob feared they might tip the kayak. Seeing these beautiful animals reminds us all why humans need to clean up their mess. So please try and use reusable water bottles, and fill from the tap or large containers as well as stay away from Styrofoam, it is nasty to clean up and lasts forever.

CCFC #8 August 20, 2017

CCFC #8 had the biggest turnout with 15 members showing up including new members Jared Mundie, Danny and Drew Peterson, Brady Zacher, and Alex Calogero. Not only was it CCFC's biggest turnout, the three teams managed to bring back the most trash in one event in CCFC history with 886 pounds of trash collected from Cadle Creek. The trash collected included half of a washing machine, a car muffler,  a car battery, various car parts, metal pipes, plastic and glass bottles, and buckets. Group #1 SR Squad managed to take home the win with 355 pounds. That group included Jared M., Danny and Drew P., Rob R., and Colin M.  A reporter from the Capital newspaper came down to the event to interview founder Robert Rutkai and member Alexi Parmele as well as take pictures. A huge thank you to Rachael Pacella for writing a story on CCFC in the Capital Gazzette Newspaper! Overall the event was a huge success and broke records for CCFC. 



CCFC #9 October 15, 2017

CCFC #9 had CCFC members return to beautiful White Marsh Creek. The members fought substantial waves and winds on their thirty minute journey to White Marsh from Cadle Creek. After arriving, the boys got to work collecting sixty five pounds of trash between the two groups. This lighter load consisted of small pieces of plastic, bottles, cans, bags, and other smaller pieces of trash. "Peterson Brothers and Company" brought home the win by collecting forty one pounds of trash. Members Danny and Drew Peterson, Matt Bates, and Jack Drohat all went home with a CCFC T-Shirts. Members of "South River Golf", Rob Rutkai, Jack Sykes, Tim Kunert, and Brady Zacker collected a respectable twenty four pounds of trash.

CCFC #10 October 21, 2017

CCFC #10 had members clean up both Cadle Creek and White Marsh Creek. One member from each group stayed and cleaned up local Cadle Creek while the rest took the long trip to White Marsh. Founder Robert Rutkai experimented with an action camera to collect footage for a CCFC video. The groups managed to clean all the way down White Marsh Creek and collected 202 lbs total including large pieces of patio furniture and Styrofoam. "The South River Sea hawks", consisting of Jack Sykes, Robert Rutkai, and Dom Gallina, managed to win the event by collecting 140.5 lbs. "The South River Kickers", consisting of Matt Bates, Jack Drohat, Isiah Jensen, and Hunter Wright, collected 61.5 lbs. 

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